Ongoing and Future Projects

The ideal union with those who suffer and are less fortunate than us must transform into a concrete encounter and assistance.


With  the  return  to  Padua on June 12, 2023, of  the  last members  of  the team, the  16th Cardiological/Cardiosurgical mission at the Orotta Hospital in Asmara, I.O.C.C.A. Pavilion (formerly Regina Elena Hospital), where 27 volunteers took turns, concluded.


The cardiological screening performed at the beginning of the mission revealed a very high number of heart defects that, due to the pandemic, had not received adeguate treatment.


The surgical program began on the same day as the arrival of the surgical team, and in just 5 and a half days, in collaboration with the medical staff, we performed a total of 11 surgeries.


All the children (some of them critically ill, with complex pathologies) successfully underwent surgery and will soon be able to return home to enjoy a completely normal life. Post-operative care for the children will be managed by local medical and nursing staff.


The awareness of our great working potential, even in remote locations with limited resources, the harmony, and the joy of dedicating our professionalism and our vacations for the benefit of less fortunate children born in regions of the world where they lack access to adequate care, will continue to be the motivation that allows us to improve our daily work upon our return.

Next Steps - Eritrea

Eritrea, which still has strong historical ties to Italy, lacks a program for the treatment of pediatric heart diseases

The recent establishment of a medical and nursing school is yielding excellent results in terms of the numerical and qualitative growth of local healthcare workers, giving hope for a progressively smoother path toward healthcare autonomy in this field.

During our last presence in this territory, we examined over 280 children, and many of them require surgical correction. 

Therefore, a new mission is planned for February/March 2024.


Ethiopia, a country already known to our volunteers, is a developing nation with over 120 million inhabitants that, with the progress of economic conditions, is making a significant effort to improve the health of children in particular. Our association’s goal is to actively participate in the educational program for local healthcare workers, providing all the “know- how” of our Italian professionals.


Preparation Phases of the Mission:

-Purchase of Medicines and Devices

Technicians and healthcare personnel indicate to the technical management which medicines, by type and quantity, and technical and structural devices need to be procured.

Customs Procedures

Each mission is preceded by a long and complex series of customs requests and forms to be meticulously completed in order to export all materials

Packaging and Shipping

Materials, medicines, and medical instruments are carefully packaged and stored in a contracted warehouse and then shipped via air cargo

Customs Clearance and Visa Applications

Once the customs clearance operations are completed in the destination country, visa requests and acquisitions for the technical and medical staff participating in the mission are processed.

Ticket Purchases and Insurance Coverage

Each volunteer proceeds with coordinated ticket purchases and insurance policy subscriptions.

Accommodation and Lodging

The facility where all personnel will stay for the duration of the mission is selected.

Local Transportation

Transportation means to and from the hospital are evaluated and made available.